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MMS camera with motion detection and a 16 zone wireless receiver for extra indoor/outdoor sensors.

MMS-DLUX is a smart GSM/GPRS remote camera. It is mostly used for remote monitoring, alarm and image transfer, and thus provides a safe solution for protecting your privacy. The camera allows you to request a picture by SMS command, to take a photo and send it to either your mobile phone or mailbox. Images can be received as a slide show, by phone call or SMS command, anytime, anywhere. With the built-in IR lights, it can take high resolution images even in a dark environment.


When anybody breaks in to your property, it can trigger image capture immediately, take photos and send it to you over the mobile network. In this way, your privacy, safety and security can effectively be protected!

All functions and services are supported by the GSM network and SIM card. For detailed operation and product functions, please read the user manual carefully.

Product Features:

1. All GSM SIM cards can be used, capable of sending photos taken to MMS service enabled mobile phone or mailbox.

2. Integrated PIR sensor to provide a precise and timely alarm.

3. Built-in CMOS camera and IR lights: it can take clear images at night.

4. Movement detection: it can detect movement in view.

5. Phone call and SMS central: you can remote control the camera by phone call or SMS command.

6. Two-way communication: you can listen to the voices/sounds of the monitoring area and also talk back via a built-in speaker.

7. Multi-mode alarm: it can alarm by SMS, MMS, E-mail and phone call.

8. Schedule monitor: it can time an alarm or monitor as the preset scheduler.

9. Backup battery: built-in lithium battery ensures continued operation in case of a power failure.

10. Easy installation: wireless connection, it can be installed anywhere.



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This is a secure online e-commerce shop

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