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This is a secure online e-commerce shop

Security Wireless | MMS Professional Camera


Motion detection camera with MMS picture and SMS motion alarm notification, use any SIMCard. DIY.

Indoor PIR MMS Detector. SMS security camera. Detect movement and motion. Warn you immediately with picture MMS to your phone. Can also send SMS when alert. Store 10 family numbers to receive alert. Call unit for live voice monitoring. Send E-Mail with pictures.

Excellent small size motion detection camera with nine 850Nm red glow LED lights to view clear images taken at night up to 8m from the device. The LED lights do not work in stand by mode and will only activate as soon as the unit is activated.

With the built-in back-up battery installed in the unit, it can last up to 8 hours in stand by mode. When the power fail, the operator will receive a SMS notifying of power failure. After the power returned to normal, another SMS will be send to notify the user of power back on.

The small wire stand, used to keep the camera in a fixed state position while standing on a flat surface, is also the antennae used for the GSM signal that is needed from the mobile networks. Any network can be used for this camera, but we suggest the Vodacom network as it is the most easiest setup configuration and data transmit rate for this device.

ITEM: MMS1000 - MMS Professional Camera with built-in battery and power supply

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Security Camera with SMS and MMS notification

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