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HD High definition 3G camera with 40m night vision infrared array LED’s. Use standard SIM card.

This remote surveillance cameras has an image resolution of 720P, 1 Megapixel. It can be used on remote sites where there is good 3G connectivity. The special new technology security Array LED’s allow the camera to monitor at 40m night. Built-in to the camera is a SD card slot for the surveillance camera to also store data on the SD card. Live streaming is smooth over the 3G network.

If the remote surveillance camera is used where there is no grid power supply, then we use a solar power solution.

Remote surveillance security cameras are use to do surveillance on remote or local sites. These security cameras are mostly used for surveillance on remote farms, plots and open areas where there is 3G Internet connectivity available. Surveillance is done by accessing the remote camera over the Internet using your mobile phone or PC that is also connected to the web via ADSL, 3G or other service providers.

The built-in SD card slot allow for the surveillance camera to record on its own built-in NVR recorder. Motion detection can be set up for the camera not to record continuous, but only when motion is detected. Thus this motion detected data can now be accessed and downloaded from the SD card.

The camera use a standard SIM card from  any cell phone service provider with 3G capabilities. Open the weather proof housing of the camera to insert the 3G SIM card and the SD card. SD cards can be used with data storage up to 32G.

Newly designed weather proof housing for this camera comply to the IP66 rating. This means that the camera is dust and splash proof. It can be installed outdoor, cold weather and extreme sun radiation conditions. The Array LED lights allow a 40m night vision distance. It lights up the area at night for the camera to function normally on high resolution.

Very clear HD image quality with High Definition chip and mega pixel lens. Installed in the correct way, it will even be possible to view a parked vehicles number plate. The distance for this function will be approx 10-15 meters.

1. 720P Mega-Pixels ,H.264 ,TI MD365 Solution

2. Account management, register account,bind camera. view online.

3. Support iPhone,iPad,Android Mobile and PC.

4. Wired connection for LAN.

5. Auto IR for day and night viewing

6. Motion detect to trigger siren , and send mail alert.

7. Check recorded data remotely

ITEM: 3G-001

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This is a secure online e-commerce shop

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