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3G Camera

Wireless motion detection camera with Video Call and SMS motion alarm notification, use any SIMCard. DIY.

Detect movement and motion. Camera warn you immediately with live video call to your phone. Can also send E-mail when alert. Install APP software on your phone to receive alert. Call unit for live video motion monitoring via APP. 12 Mega Pixel system. Do it yourself with this easy to use alarm product with instructions.

ITEM: 3G Camera 002 - Mega Pixel Camera - Upgraded to LTE

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Wireless motion detection outdoor MMS cameras with 8 wired zones. Picture and SMS motion alarm notification.

Detect movement. Warn you immediately with picture to your phone. Can also send SMS when alert. Store 5 family numbers or monitor centre number to receive alert. Control unit with SMS commands. Do it yourself with this easy to use wireless product with instructions.


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Camouflaged GPRS/MMS Digital Infrared Trail Cameras. With Double Motion Detectors. Wireless security cameras.

Automatic security digital trail detection with GSM function. Trigger at once by any movement of human (or animals) in a certain region of interest (ROI).  The monitoring is done by a high sensitive Passive Infrared (PIR) motion sensor which automatically captures high quality pictures (up to 12M pixels) or records 1080p HD video clips (WVGA or QVGA) when alarm. Top outdoor wireless security cameras. Do it yourself with this easy to use security product with instructions.

ITEM: MMS-Trail-Pro - Camera-Trap

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Security Cameras using GSM, GPRS, 3G, Wi-Fi,NVR and DVR. Protect your property with this MMS image notification. DIY. Easy to use and install

WiFi IP Network Cameras

Wireless Solar Power Camera MMSIP-02


HD High definition outdoor GSM camera with 18m night vision black LED’s. Use standard SIM card.

These cameras has an image resolution of 12MP. It can be used on remote sites where there is good GSM connectivity. The special new technology LED’s allow the camera to monitor at 12m at night. Send MMS when motion is detected. Record video clips on SD card. Do it yourself with this easy to use security product with instructions.

ITEM: CamTrap-01

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High definition hidden cameras with SD card slot. Motion detection hidden DVR cameras.

This mini hidden spy security cameras only need a 2mm hole for the lens to do detection and recording to the SD card. The PC board and battery can be installed in any enclosure to be hidden. The 3000mAh battery will offer a 24 hour stand-by mode. Image quality is 720P High Definition 1 Megapixel. Do it yourself with this easy to use security product with instructions.


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Wireless Solar Power Camera MMSIP-03


Wireless Wi-Fi IP mini hidden spy cameras, motion detector, E-mail notification software installed. DIY very easy to use

Live wireless monitoring, recording to PC hard disk, ftp and motion detection. Detect movement and send E-mail in picture format. Fixed indoor. View up to 9 wireless or RJ45 connected devices on one computer screen, on your LAN network at once. Connect as many IP cameras as needed to your IP security camera network. Use the Internet for monitoring via a DDNS gateway which has been pre-setup. Do it yourself with this easy to use product with instructions.


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Motion detector sensor alarm and camera systems for indoor and outdoor protection. Wireless security cameras.

The security cameras above are a range of products that work independently from each other. The range consist of SMS, MMS, IP, 3G/4G and TF card recording devices. The range allow for different solutions and options for security monitoring and surveillance. The indoor cameras are not weather proof and need to be installed where there is no moisture or water that can penetrate the electronics housing. The outdoor cameras are rated at IP66 with weather proof housings, to be installed indoor or outdoor where moisture and water may get in contact with the cameras. IP66 rating is a weather and dust proof rating, which is used to specify the weather resistance in electronic housings.

All our products undergo a thorough quality control and software testing phase to ensure that the electronics and software is compatible to work in any country on the mobile or other networks available. Software upgrades and electronic component upgrades are done on a regular basis to ensure the newest technology is available from us. Standard housings are used to install the upgrade electronic PC Boards and lenses used in the camera designs. Some cameras in the range include rechargeable batteries and battery chargers included in the sets. Although some models may not include rechargeable batteries, we offer solar power and regulator solutions for these specific requirements. The 3G/4G cameras will normally be installed with a solar solution on remote sites.

Wireless Solar Power Camera MMSIP-01


HD High definition 720P outdoor LTE camera with 40m night vision infrared array LED’s. Use standard SIM card. Built-in SD card slot. 2.8-12mm lens.

These wireless security cameras has an image resolution of 720P. It can be used on remote sites where there is good mobile network connectivity, at least 3G. The special new technology LED’s allow the camera to monitor at 40m at night. Built-in to the camera is a SD card slot for the camera to also store data on the SD card. Use the APP for live streaming to your cell phone. Do it yourself with this easy to use security product with instructions.

ITEM: 3G-001

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