Wireless nanny camera that can be remotely viewed.

monitor staff CCTV


Nanny Camera HD CCTV - 15m Night vision 3.6mm wide angle lens

Nanny Camera able to detect motion which activates its recording. Can also send an email in picture format when movement is detected.

APP sends notifications. Very easy to use, 

Security system, able to monitor live from anywhere with an internet connection. The camera records to an SD card. 

Fixed indoor CCTV security system. View up to 200 wireless or RJ45 connected devices on your mobile phone. Allowing you the freedom to add more cameras to the system. Monitoring via a pre-setup DDNS gateway.

Software for monitoring available for free from the IOS or Android APP store. Connect your Android, IOS or PC to stream the recording live in high definition. 

WIP Series Wifi cameras are of high definition image quality. These CCTV cameras connect to the wifi network.
Each time motion is detected the camera will record and store its footage in a SD card or PC hard disk drive.

The camera can also be set to continuously record. the WIP camera is also able to record 15 metres from it with night vision and on-board LED lights. Can be installed indoors or outdoors. Perfect for monitoring passages, living rooms, safes, fridges, animal health and well-being, employees etc.

The DIY option is simple, easy setup for immediate use.
The package includes the cables connectors, user manuals, power supply and brackets.

For any further network design, installations and setup or delivery of the cameras to your premises, we can quote.

Our sales and technical team can also design and quote on external power supply option like the use of solar and battery back-up systems.
Designed so that one can add any amount of electronic devices to the off-grid power supply. 

Thank you for choosing us to provide you with our product range and services. We aim to be the best in sales support, product quality and service.

Many customers inquire as to how H.264 compression works on wireless cameras. H.264 compression is used in compressing CCTV footage to save hard disk drive space on your device. Normal MJPEG compression does not compare, it transmits all data that is seen on a video image as security files, trees in the distance, the fence, the road etc. All of this will be transmitted on a MJPEG compression wasting data and hard disk space on objects that are unchanging.

H.264 compression however works very differently. It will send you the initial images from the camera with the trees, fences etc. and then  no data will be transmitted if there are no changes in pixels, if an object moves over the monitored area the H.264 compression will only send the new pixels that changed when the object moved. Thus data is not wasted on sending inanimate objects repeatedly saving a lot of recording space and data. This technology also allows for more cameras to be installed on one wifi network. This is a brilliant compression that allows smooth video monitoring over the internet.

R690.00 each VAT incl.


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