Vehicle dash camera with live-streaming capability

Vehicle camera


Dash Camera For Indoor / Outdoor Use. 4G LTE 3G

The 3G IP Dash camera is the perfect option for business or personal use. Its weather proof casing allows this camera to operate perfectly both indoors or outdoors.

Equip it on your vehicles and have the freedom of live-steaming footage anywhere in the world provided you have an internet connection.
The camera can be set to notify you of movement it detects via E-mail or push notifications through the mobile APP.

Capable of 15 metres of night vision, this camera wont leave you out the loop when the sun goes down.
Software included.

This dash camera has an SD card port and can store its recordings therein. It is capable of having an SD card up to 64 Gigabytes in size.
The camera can be equipped with any prepaid SIM card (MTN/CELLC/Vodacom) and use it to remain connected and stream the footage to your devices. Also capable of running off of a Wi-Fi connection, thus Wi-Fi cars, trucks, buses or your home can easily be monitored using this device. 

This camera uses smart compression technology known as H.264 which allows for better use of recording space and data.

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R3990.00 each VAT incl.


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