Pinhole spy camera

Pinhole Spy camera


Mini pinhole Wi-Fi IP camera with 3.6mm wide angle lens.

Monitor your cameras live, they can record to your PC hard disk with file transfer protocol.

Camera can be set to begin recording when it detects motion and sends an email picture notification or push notification via the mobile APP (IOS/Android)

Installed indoors view up to 9 wireless or RJ45 connected devices on one computer screen or device at once. Use the internet to monitor via a pre-setup DDNS gateway from anywhere in the world provided you have connectivity.

 The 3.6mm wide angle lens on this device is high definition, 720P resolution.

Brilliant internet surveillance solution with a compact design making it easy to hide. Hide it in small housing like a bird cage, tissue boxes, the ceiling or anywhere not clearly visible. Footage can be live-streamed to your device.

The H.264 compression technology it uses makes efficient use of both data and storage space still with clear image quality.

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R1990.00 each VAT incl.


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