1080P Dome camera with zoom

Dome camera night vision


CCTV Dome Camera 1080P 2MP Zoom

IST-002 cameras connect to a 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi connection.

It can operate with motion detection and give push notifications (Via mobile APP Anroid/IOS) or picture emails. DIY simple to use. Can also be set to record continuously.

With 15 metres of night vision this offers you protection both day and night.

Dome shaped camera. Fixed indoor or outdoor as long as the CCTV security system is under a roof.
2MP 2.8-12mm automatic zoom and focus lens.

View up to 64 wireless or RJ45 connected devices on one computer screen or device. Use the internet to monitor via a pre-setup DDNS gateway. Can see the footage live from anywhere in the world provided you have an internet connection.

No software needs to be installed on your PC, software runs on the camera. The camera can operate without NVR and record directly to PC hard disk or it can record to a TF card (SD card) which is not included.

This is a cost effective solution to secure monitor and survey all necessary areas on your property.

This package includes:

Necessary dome housing




User manuals

Power supply

For any additional network design, installations, back-up batteries, solar kits or setup or your system on your premises, we can quote.

Thank you for choosing our product range and service. We strive to be the best in service, after sales support and product quality.

Many customers ask how does H.264 compression work?
H.264 compression is used in video compression to save hard disk drive space on your recording device. Normal MJPEG compression will transmit all data that it sees on a image to be recorded as a file. The trees in the back ground, the fence, the road and so on, will be transmitted on MJPEG compression. H.264 compression on the other hand, will send you the first image with the trees, fence and road. Then no data will be transmitted if there is no new pixel changes on the image. When an object then move over the screen area, the H.264 compression protocol will only send the new pixel changes of the image that moved over the screen area. Thus the trees, fence and road will not be send again as their was no change in the image pixel. This H.264 compression save allot of recording space and also lower the Wi-Fi bandwidth usage. More security cameras can be installed on one Wi-Fi network using cameras with H.264 compression.

Is Wi-Fi reliable? We use the 802.11b/g/n protocol to connect these IP cameras to the Access Point Router, which can in turn be monitored using the software or Internet Explorer. The Wi-Fi signal strength, depend on obstacles between the points. Remember that metal obstructions absorb signals, where other material will bounce the signal.

R1990.00 each VAT incl.


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