4G Full HD Outdoor security camera

SIM Card Camera HD

3G-001 - 4G LTE - Bullet Zoom

3G camera with 40m night vision infrared array LED’s. Use standard SIM card. HD High Definition

This camera has a 720P resolution, 1 Megapixel. It can be used in remote locations due where there is 3G connectivity. The incredible new technology known as security Array LED’s give the camera the ability to see up to 40m at night.

The camera has a built-in SD card slot for the camera to store its recordings on an SD card up to 32 gigabytes. Live-streaming over the 3G network is a smooth experience and can be viewed anywhere provided you have internet connectivity on your device, be it on a mobile smart phone or your PC. 
If the camera is needed in an area where no grid power is available then there is the option to install it with a solar power kit.

The camera can be set to record continuously or to record when movement is detected. The camera makes use of a standard SIM card from any service provider with 3G capabilities. 

The newly designed weather-proof housing for this camera complies with the IP66 rating. Thus the camera is dust and splash proof.
This camera can be installed outdoors and is capable of withstanding cold weather and extreme sun radiation. 
Clear High definition image quality with High Definition chip and mega pixel lens. This camera can even accurately display a vehicles number plate from aprox 10-15 metres away if installed correctly.

This camera uses H.264 compression of files which makes better use of storage space and doesn’t use as much data as a regular MJPEG camera.

Can be set up through wired LAN connection aswell.

Automatic infrared for day and night viewing.
Motion detect to trigger sirens and send e-mail alert.
Recorded data can be accessed remotely.

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R4990.00 each VAT incl.


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