Solar Panel, Battery and Controller

Battery and solar solution


24/7 Solar Power Solution for 12V. 24/7 80W Panel and Battery back-up system. Ideal for 3G LTE Camera. Cctv Solar Kit

Install this solar kit for cameras, anywhere that grid power is not available.

The solar system keeps cameras working 24/7.

No battery power loss or damage due to over load from the camera.

Use this kit on wireless network solutions that include routers and/or signal booster for all networking IP/internet solutions.

Solar01 is the best choice if you are planning on setting up a 4G/LTE surrveilance system.

Camera not included in package.

Package includes:

Charge controller for solar batteries.

Battery pack to power camera 65Ah

Solar Panel 80 Watt for camera load.

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R4990.00 each VAT incl.


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