MMS 3G Hunting Camera 12m Night Vision

Trail camera that alerts you

Camera Trap MMS/3G

Digital Infrared Trail Camera. Camouflaged GPRS/MMS

Wireless trail cam makes use of a prepaid SIM card (CellC, Vodacom, MTN)

12 metres of night vision.

Can send picture notification via mobile APP (IOS/Android). DIY very simple.

12 Mega-pixels.

Insert SIM card and SD card (up to 64 Gigabytes).

Motion detection activates image and video recording (1080P) stored on the SD card.

940NM black LED lights, invisible to the human eye activate at night time.

Batteries last approximately 2-3 months on stand-by.

This trail camera uses 8 x AA batteries.

IP67 rated weather proof.

Casing is camouflaged to blend in.

Footage can be viewed using the on-board LCD screen. Images and videos can be scrolled through using buttons on the camera.

Included in this package is a small belt that can be used to fasten this camera on a tree or rod to monitor a point of interest.

This camera is perfect for animal surveillance, the camera can be installed at a feeding point, burrow etc.

Brilliant product for the purpose of convicting trespassers with evidence.

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R6490.00 each VAT incl.


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