Outdoor Beams and Wireless Sensors

SP-Series-001- Beams

Microwave Radar Barrier. 200m detection. 3x5m bubble between sender and receiver, which can not be tampered with. Bird and small animals will not affect the wireless beams in any way.

R 7990.00 Each VAT inclusive.

radar wireless beams photoelectric outdoor
photoelectric best outdoor beams


Active Photoelectric Beam. 200m from transmitter to receiver. Wired beam can be made wireless beams, using the wireless transmitter.

Add a signal transmitter to use wireless. Frequency of the beams then synchronize with the GSM ALARM Panel.

R 1990.00 Each VAT inclusive.

dual passive infrared sensor

Pet Immune-25kg-OutPIR-002

Dual Infrared 110 degree wireless beam sensor. Use rechargeable batteries. Detect up to 15 meter from the installation point.

R1690.00 Each VAT inclusive

Pet Immune-20kg-110 degree wireless beams

Single Infrared sensor. Outdoor housing IP66 rated. Install on the wall or tree for extra blind area coverage. Easy to move the sensor to a different spot.

R1190.00 Each VAT inclusive.

outdoor beams perimeter protection pir sensor
solar powered beam smart sensor detects pets


Outdoor Solar Criminal Intrusion Detection. Pet friendly up to 25 Kg. Outdoor housing with rechargeable batteries for continuous protection. Install in direct sun light for the most effective charge.

R2490.00 Each VAT Inclusive.

G-Auto - 001

Gate Opener and appliance controller with a FREE call (Missed Call) / SMS for 99 users. Register the numbers from visitors who has access to the entrance gate. When they make a call to the cell phone number of the Gate Opener, the system will open the gate.

R1490.00 Each VAT inclusive.

gsm gate opener free call or SMS

Single light Strobe/W

Wireless Outdoor Strobe light siren.

R695.00 each VAT inclusive.

strobe siren with power supply
wireless strobe siren flashing light

Dual light Strobe/W

Wireless Outdoor Strobe light siren.

R1490.00 Each VAT inclusive.


Motion & heat detection passive infrared sensor. 100m line of site transmitting range, with External antenna. Powered by a standard 9V battery to last approximately 10 months.

R395.00 Each VAT inclusive.

passive infrared pir detector
pir motion detector wireless


Motion & heat detection passive infrared sensor. Built-in antennae and auto paring code. Intelligent PIR sensor.

R395.00 Each VAT Inclusive.


Vibration sensor. Install where there should be no movement. As soon as the sensor detect a vibration, it will send an alarm signal to the control panel. Windows, cupboards, doors.

R295.00 Each VAT Inclusive.

Vibration sensor which connects to alarm panel
door detector sets off alarm panel


Magnetic door/window contact 100m wireless range, line of sight to control panel. Remove the magnet 1cm from the transmitter to send a alarm signal. Door open and the zone name.

R195.00 Each VAT Inclusive.


Smoke and Fire sensors. Carbon dioxide protection. Fire and heat activate an internal buzzer. The transmitter send a signal to the GSM alarm panel. Standard 9V battery with a 12 month life.

R495.00 Each VAT Inclusive.

smoke detector wireless
window and door beams wireless


Indoor Electronic Beam fence. Two beams. Mostly to install in front of the windows or door entrance. Wireless transmitter is built-in. Power supplier to both ends included.

R1890.00 Each VAT inclusive.


Wireless Indoor Electronic Beam fence. Three beams.

R2290.00 Each VAT inclusive.

window beams outdoor security
wireless vibration accessory


Glass break sensors. Load sounds and breaking glass will trigger the device. The sensitivity is good enough to react to clapping hands, 8m from the device.

R295.00 Each VAT Inclusive.


Digital Temperature sensors. Monitor room temperature. When the temperature goes below a certain degree of interest, the alarm will activate. The same will be true for temperature monitoring above the desired room temperature. Power supply included.

R1790.00 Each VAT Inclusive.

heat and temperature gauge
gas leakage sensor wireless


Gas leak detection sensors. Most dangerous cooking and stove gasses will be detected. Wireless transmitter. Built-in 220V power supply cord.

R595.00 Each VAT Inclusive.


Water leak detector. Water will be absorbed by the material strips. This will cause the device to activate and send a signal.

R395.00 Each VAT Inclusive.

water leakage sensor accessory
remote control for alarm system


Wireless remote for alarm panel. Arm, disarm and panic button.

R295.00 Each VAT Inclusive.


Panic Button. Push the red button to trigger the sensor. It will send a signal to the wireless GSM alarm panel. Three numbers can receive the SOS immediately.

R95.00 Each VAT Inclusive.

panic button activates alarm panel
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