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wireless Intercom for gate access control communication

Wireless Intercom - Two way Audio Systsem

Mobile phone Communication, access Control.

Wireless Intercom system for apartments and complexes. Global Voice door phone system over mobile (Pre-paid SIM, CellC/MTN/Vodacom).

Has the functionality to open the gate or door it is connected to. Relay the output port to open the gate. 

Able to connect up to 200 users on the system. Open the gate with a simple missed call from an authorized number. Every user gets an Admin password and ID tag for entrance. 

Wireless Intercom Systems for Complexes and Apartments. GSM voice with open door or gate function.

Perfect systems and options for hotels, villas, townhouse complexes or office buildings.

Easy to install diagram included in the set. User manual will explain the functionality in detail.

Included in this package:

1x Outdoor weather proof access control station using GSM

1x 240V Power supply to outdoor gate station.

1x User manual

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R5490.00 each VAT incl.

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Wireless Intercom system can be installed with two gate stations and three indoor monitors. It is quote convenient for a small area where the signal will not exceed 40-50 meter through obstacles. The gate unit is weather proof and can handle outdoor conditions. Indoor unit include a 3.5 Inch color display. Two way communication between the stations. Power docking to charge the built-in battery for hand held unit. Standard 220V power supply included. Excellent product rating.

“Wireless Outdoor station with camera. Connect to indoor video image display. Two way communication. Open door or gate by pressing the button.”

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