GSM MMS Motion Detection Camera

Outdoor camera and sensors


Motion detection outdoor MMS camera with 8 wired zones. MMS picture and SMS motion alarm notification. Relay to control automation.

Capable of detecting movement and motion. Warns you instantly with a picture MMS to your smartphone (Up to 5 phones can be connected). Also capable of sending SMS alerts. Users can also add up to 2 emails to receive notifications. Can send commands via SMS.

The camera alarm controller is made for taking photos onsite and switching machinery on/off a simple SMS command.

8 channel digital input for adding accessories such as water leakage detectors, door contacts etc.

Can ARM or DISARM alarm with simple command.

Package includes:

1x Outdoor GSM camera

1x antennae

1x back-up battery

1x Power supply


GSM Quad-Band 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
External weather-proof camera with IR lights and motion detector
3 sizes for MMS Photo resolution optional
8 Digital input, alarm SMS text editable
1 Relay output can be switched on/off by SMS Commands
1 Siren output for warning while alarm occur
5 telephone numbers can be setup as dial or receive alarm SMS,MMS message
2 e-mails for receiving photos
Arm or disarmed by SMS commands or wired button
AC power lost and recovery alarm SMS.
Internal backup rechargeable battery with low power alarm buzzer

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R4490.00 each VAT incl.


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