Wireless IP Phone 15m Night Vision Camera

peer to peer video phone


15m Night Vision Indoor IP Phone Camera Alarm

High definition image quality. 1.3 Megapixels.

Can be set to send an E-mail notification in MJPEG compression format when it detects movement or send a notifcation through the mobile APP.

Begins recording when movement is detected.

Can connect to your home’s Wi-Fi router wireless or through a RJ45 connection.

Can record to TF card in SD card port.

Capable of Pan and tilt remotely, meaning you can remotely move right and left  using software or the mobile APP (IOS/Android)

Stream footage LIVE from anywhere in the world using your PC or mobile device, provided you have internet connectivity.

The high definition image and video streaming quality make this ideal for monitoring pay stations and staff. Use this for monitoring the elderly, office security, pet watching or child monitoring.

In this package:

1x NVC video phone

1x External antennae

1x Communication cable

1x Remote controller to arm and disarm with SOS button function.

1x Wireless door contact which can be connected to activate the camera when it is triggered.

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R1990.00 each VAT incl.


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